What plant produces seeds inside of flowers?

Answer Sunflowers are best known for having tons of seeds in/on them.

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Which plant produces niger seeds?

Niger seeds comes from the Guizotia abyssinica plant, a flowering plant native to the Ethiopian highlands. It is also referred to as the Niger, ramtil or blackseed plant. According to B... Read More »

Is it reproduction when a bean plant produces seeds from a flower?

Many vegetables and fruits reproduce from flowers. About 60 to 75 days after planting, a green bean plant is mature, or ready to pick beans from to eat. After the bean pods have formed, allow a few... Read More »

Why the plant outside have lot of flowers and the one inside has no flowers?

outside theres more sun, fresh air, and inside i think the air from like heaters and stuff makes them sulk, and when they're inside, in their soil, they have no worms to make tunnels in the soil so... Read More »

Can you plant the seeds inside of dried gourds?

Seeds that remain inside of dried gourds are still viable to use in the garden. The gourd's thick, hard shell protects the seeds inside against moisture, paint and other chemicals. Cut open the dri... Read More »