What plant produces menthol?

Answer peppermint produce menthol as an adaptation to survive in different environments.

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What Produces Sex Cells in a Plant?

Plants that reproduce sexually are known as flowering plants, and they produce two distinct sex cells. "Male" sex cells are found in pollen, while "female" sex cells are found in the ovary. Thus, t... Read More »

Which plant produces niger seeds?

Niger seeds comes from the Guizotia abyssinica plant, a flowering plant native to the Ethiopian highlands. It is also referred to as the Niger, ramtil or blackseed plant. According to B... Read More »

Which plant group produces fruits?

A plant group that produces fruit is Angiosperms.

What Type of Plant Produces Vanilla?

Vanilla extract is made from the capsular fruits of the vanilla plant. These fruits, called vanilla beans or vanilla pods, are 6 inches long and contain the seeds used to produce vanilla extract. ... Read More »