What plant produce the most oxygen?

Answer If you want the individual plant that gives off the most oxygen each year, it is probably the 43 hectare (106 acre) network of quaking aspen tree trunks (Populus tremuloides) in Utah that the Guinn... Read More »

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Does the ocean produce oxygen?

The ocean produces oxygen through the plants, algae and bacteria (for example, phytoplankton, kelp and algal plankton) which live in it. They produce oxygen as a by-product of photosynthesis, a pro... Read More »

Does photosynthesis produce oxygen in our atmosphere?

Photosynthesis releases oxygen into the Earth's atmosphere through tiny openings on the leaves of plants called stomatas. Photosynthesis is the main source of oxygen and helps to sustain life on Ea... Read More »

Do plants produce oxygen during photosynthesis?

Oxygen is a by-product of photosynthesis. A plant takes in carbon dioxide, sunlight and water to make their own food, and it also releases oxygen. The amount of light determines the amount of oxyge... Read More »

Do plants use carbon dioxide to produce oxygen?