What plant needs the least amount of water?

Answer a cautus of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What is the least amount of water you can drive a jet ski in?

To be on the safe side, many places say about 2 feet of water. But I've been in water as little as 3 inches, many of Rivers and creeks go up and down through the year for rainfall and snowfall. But... Read More »

What is one plant that needs a lot of water?

How much Water does a Pumpkin Plant needs?

Keep the soil moist when you plant the seed until it has a few true leaves. Then a deep soak once or twice a week (if there's no rain) is in order.How much water all that is depends on the texutre... Read More »

What U.S. state records the least amount of rainfall?

Arizona receives the least rainfall of any state in the union, recording an average of 7.11 inches per year. Close behind are Nevada and New Mexico, recording 7.87 and 8.91 inches respectively. By ... Read More »