What plant has small green leaves and small purple flowers?

Answer an acorn perhaps a little more info?

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What plant has small dangling green flowers?

Shrubs With Variegated Leaves & Small Pink Flowers?

Shrubs with variegated leaves add an extra layer of color and texture to the landscape. Variegated foliage can appear mottled, streaked or have a solid center with differently hued margins. Shrubs ... Read More »

What kind of shrub or tree has clusters of small purple berries in September it has simple ellipical leaves?

Could possibly be Callicarpa bodinieri (beauty berry)! Seven letters --E-T--

Which Plant Diseases Cause Small White & Black Dots on Leaves?

When small black or white dots begin appearing on the leaves of your plants, your plants could be showing the first sign of plant disease.The plants could be affected by one of several plant diseas... Read More »