What plant has no roots?

Answer AnswerMoss has no roots.Mosses are small green plants growing in dense clusters in damp, shady places. Mosses are a type of plant called a bryophyte. Bryophytes are structurally the simplest of all... Read More »

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What kind of plant grows from its roots each year after dying?

In gardening, annual plants die back at the end of the season and must be replanted the following year.Perennials are herbaceous plants which return year after year, regrowing new foliage from live... Read More »

How to Plant Bamboo Roots?

Bamboo provides a living privacy screen, a hedge or just vertical interest to a landscape. Bamboos are classified as either clumpers or runners. Clumpers spread slowly, but runners become invasive ... Read More »

How do i plant asparagus roots?

Prepare The SoilPlant asparagus roots in a sunny, well-drained site, free of grass and weeds, in the spring when the soil has warmed to above 50 degrees F. Adjust the soil pH to between 6.5 and 7.5... Read More »

How do I kill ants in plant roots?

Ant BaitsSet out ant baits for the ants. Bait these traps with a sweet pesticide and set them in areas where you see lots of ant traffic. Ants will enter the baits, eat the pesticide and die.Insect... Read More »