What plant has no roots?

Answer AnswerMoss has no roots.Mosses are small green plants growing in dense clusters in damp, shady places. Mosses are a type of plant called a bryophyte. Bryophytes are structurally the simplest of all... Read More »

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Pests That Eat Plant Roots?

A variety of pests cause destruction in your garden by eating plant leaves and stems. However, insects and animals that attack plant roots are often the most difficult to deal with because they typ... Read More »

Is it okay to pot a plant whose roots have some algae on them?

It is not okay to pot a plant with algae in the roots. Algae is a common problem for hydroponically grown plants, and it can suffocate the root system. Trim off any roots with algae before you pot ... Read More »

How do i plant asparagus roots?

Prepare The SoilPlant asparagus roots in a sunny, well-drained site, free of grass and weeds, in the spring when the soil has warmed to above 50 degrees F. Adjust the soil pH to between 6.5 and 7.5... Read More »

How to Plant Bamboo Roots?

Bamboo provides a living privacy screen, a hedge or just vertical interest to a landscape. Bamboos are classified as either clumpers or runners. Clumpers spread slowly, but runners become invasive ... Read More »