What plant has green-leaf with pink spots?

Answer This plant is Hypoestes phyllostachy. It is a warm climate plant and is generally used as a container plant or house plant in Northern regions.

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Why does Basil plant have blackish brown spots that take up almost the whole leaf?

My Basil plant is all green. Maybe yours has a disease. Look around at other peoples if they have the same maybe its mine that's sick.

What Causes Septoria Leaf Spots?

Septoria leaf spot disease is among the most prolific of leaf spot diseases in the United States. This condition is caused by a pathological fungal agent that can infect a wide variety of plants. S... Read More »

Leaf Spots on Red Dogwoods?

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Do hydrangeas get leaf spots?

The hydrangea is susceptible to Cercospora leaf spot, a common disease found in both landscape and container-grown plants. Small purple or brown spots appear on leaves near the plant base and sprea... Read More »