What plant does palm oil come from?

Answer Both palm oil and palm kernel oil come from the oil palm. Palm oil is derived from the flesh of the tree's fruit, while palm kernel oil is extracted from the pit.Source:American Palm Oil Council: P... Read More »

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How to Plant a Palm Tree?

Palm trees are popular landscaping plants in tropical regions, especially in coastal areas. They are resistant to storm winds, while offering a tropical ambiance to the landscape they are located i... Read More »

How do I plant a queen palm?

Plant Queen PalmsPlant queen palms during the spring or summer. Dig a hole twice as wide as the growing container. Place the queen palm in the hole so that the tops of the roots are about 1 inch be... Read More »

How do I plant a coconut palm tree?

Planting Coconut Palms from SeedPlant coconut seeds that are tree ripe. Shake the nut and listen for the sloshing of coconut water, which indicates a fresh nut. Soak the coconut whole, with its hus... Read More »

How to Trim a Majesty Palm Plant?

The majesty palm (Ravenea rivularis) is a small palm tree native to Madagascar. It produces a single trunk, out of which grow several feathery palm fronds. The majesty palm is quite easy to grow. I... Read More »