What plant did indians use to insulate homes?

Answer Some American Indians used pine needles and tule to insulate the inside of their homes. The outside of their homes were covered with bark. These insulation materials helped keep them warm during co... Read More »

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Indians along the southeastern coast of North America cultivated what plant?

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I want to insulate my floor in my house if i do so do i put up a plastic sheeting after i put in the insulate?

The plastic sheeting serves as a vapor barrier, and is needed only if your house is in a region where outside temperatures drop below freezing. The principle is that air inside of the house has mo... Read More »

Was The Fertiliser plant in WEST , TEXAS , there before the Homes & Schools?

The explosion is being treated like a crime scene, which is standard.The town started in the 1800s. The plant 2006. I did not find if the plant was built close to town and the schools later or th... Read More »

Are America's Best Homes& Fleetwood Homes affiliated?

America's Best Homes and Fleetwood Homes are unaffiliated companies that design and build manufactured homes. America's Best Homes is based in Gonzales, Louisiana, and has been in business since 19... Read More »