What plant are coffee beans from?

Answer Coffee comes from Rubiaceae, a large family of flowering plants, also known as the bedstraw family, madder family or coffee family. The Rubiaceae consist of trees and shrubs, such as Arabian Coffee... Read More »

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What plant do garbanzo beans grow from?

Garbanzo beans grow from the chickpea plant, which belongs to the family Fabaceae. The binomial name for the chickpea plant is Cicer arietinum. There are several species of chickpea plants that gar... Read More »

When you buy coffee beans, or pre-packaged ground coffee, how do you know if it's Arabica or Robusta?

Here's some hints to helping you find Arabica beans:If it doesn't say 100% Arabica, it probably isn't.If it costs less than $10, it's probably robusta.If it comes in a can, it probably is robusta.I... Read More »

Do coffee beans need to be ground to make coffee?

Coffee beans must be ground in order to make coffee. Coffee is brewed, meaning that hot water flows through the ground coffee beans, extracting oils and flavors on its way. In the case of espresso,... Read More »

Are coffee beans really beans?

Coffee beans are known as beans because of their resemblance to beans but coffee beans are actually seeds. Once a coffee plant is ready to be harvested, coffee beans are gathered from the pulp of r... Read More »