What planet's axis is parallel to its orbit?

Answer According to NASA, Uranus, which is the seventh planet from the sun, has an axis that is nearly parallel to the plane of its orbit. This gas giant takes 17 hours and 14 minutes to rotate on its axi... Read More »

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How long does it take for Neptune to orbit its own axis?

The amount of time in a day is equal to a planet's full rotation (orbit) on its own axis. Neptune takes 19.1 hours to make a full rotation around its axis. The planet is ranked fourth in terms of s... Read More »

How to Write an Equation of a Line Parallel to the X-Axis?

Not only is the x-axis the key to plotting the horizontal coordinates of lines in Cartesian space, the axis can also be viewed as a line itself. Two lines are parallel when they could travel for in... Read More »

What causes planets to orbit?

Planets orbit because of the presence of a greater mass, such as the sun and its greater gravitational pull. In the case of the Earth, the sun's gravitational pull keeps it from traveling in a stra... Read More »

What Factor Keeps the Planets in Orbit Around the Sun?

The factor that keeps the planets in orbit around the sun is gravity. Gravity is one of the four fundamental forces in the universe (the other three are the strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear f... Read More »