What planet is closest to the sun&orbited by a moon?

Answer Earth is the planet closest to the sun that is orbited by a moon. Mercury and Venus are closer to the sun than Earth, but neither of them have any moons. Earth is the fifth largest planet in this s... Read More »

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What planet is near the moon in August over Washington state?

During August 2010, the moon will pass by all of the planets, beginning with Mercury on the 11th and Saturn, Venus and Mars on the 12th. It will be conjunct with Pluto on the 19th, Neptune on the 2... Read More »

Which planet has a moon named oberon?

Oberon is a cold, crater-filled moon of Uranus. It is just one of 27 moons orbiting the planet, all of which are named after characters from the works of William Shakespeare and Alexander Pope.Sour... Read More »

When does NASA hope the next manned moon mission will occur?

Ther is no set date for a a return to the moon yet, but NASA is now working on a new space program called "Constelation", which will work on establishing and maintaining a permanet moon base.They n... Read More »

What is the old kids show where there were two fluffy animals that sat on a couch and transported to another planet and saved the aliens and planet?

it was called 'tiny planets', it was on noggin back in the day and featured two characters named bing and bong :)