How to Dress Up Like Princess Leia?

Answer Princess LeiaYou want to dress up like the ever-famous Princess Leia from Star Wars? Well, now you can!

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How to Do Princess Leia's Hair?

Princess Leia is a fashion icon and has been for decades, and her famous cinnamon-bun hairstyle is a common choice for themed parties, Halloween, and special occasions. While you can easily achieve... Read More »

How to Make Princess Leia Hair Braids?

Do you have a Star Wars party coming up? Well here is the easy way to make Princess Leia hair braid buns even if you have short hair!

How to Do Princess Leia's Hair From 'Star Wars'?

Princess Lei from the "Star Wars" movie series has long been known for her iconic hairstyle of two large buns placed on either side of the head. While this hairstyle might look difficult to achieve... Read More »

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