What places are hireing in manhatten or brooklyn rite now?

Answer these are the correct spellings :hiring ... manhattan ... rightand your grammer is HORRIBLE !!....that's why you can't get a job !!

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Brooklyn or manhatten jobs in retail...wat are sum places hiringrite now?

Plenty of places, but they'll all likely pay minimum wage, and are likely in malls orRetail? Try fast foods , big box stores like Target , Best Buy , and Walmart-

Any places in Brooklyn that don't ID for cigarettes/alcohol?

The majority legally do. People still try though.

Do u know any where that hireing 17 years old 2 work?

Which is a better college, Julliard, or Manhatten school of music ?

They are both great, my sister went to both for viola, BA at Manhatten and MA at Julliard. It really depends on who will be your teachers. I recomend visiting both and meeting with your potential i... Read More »