Where in North America is area code 979?

Answer If you want to upload songs on your phone you need a cable that probably came with your phone you plug it into you phone and the other end in the computer then just upload music, but if your asking... Read More »

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Where in North America is area code 568?

What area code or country code do you live in?

I Phone 3G not recognizing phone numbers without area code i live in Lebanon and the code is 00961 x xxxxxx does any one know the solution any software should be installed?

Since it keeps freezing first turn off the iphone then turn it back on and if that doesn't work restore it with iTunes.

How many domestic adoptions take place in America?

Moraly, yes. Leagaly, well, i am not sure. i don't think so, but the boy should help the girl in any way that he can.