What pillow goes with a brown leather couch?

Answer On One Hand: Brown is a Neutral ColorPairing a brown leather couch with colorful throw pillows brings life to the room and adds character, drama and atmosphere. Go with greens to convey a calming s... Read More »

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Is a Brown Couch or a Garnet Couch a Better Decorating Choice?

The color of a couch should reflect the design style of the room. Although you want one that is a color you like, it should also blend into a cohesive room design with the wall and floor colors of ... Read More »

How to Clean Couch Pillow Covers?

Ever want to clean your couch pillow covers but didn't know how?

How do I get ink off of a leather couch?

Removing Ink With AlcoholWet a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol. Wipe the cotton swab gently onto the ink stain until it is gone. Use a fresh cotton swab and more alcohol as necessary. Use a hairdr... Read More »

How to Fix a Tear in a Leather Couch?

Leather couches are a huge investment and one people naturally try to keep in great shape. However, once in awhile accidents happen and your couch gets a tear. While this can be an eyesore, it is n... Read More »