What pigment gives sugar beets their red color?

Answer Betacyanin, which is a purple pigment, and betaxanthin, which is a yellow pigment, combine to give the sugar beet its familiar red color. Though less common, beets also grow in yellow and white var... Read More »

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What is a pigment color?

If someone said your pigment color will be taken out of your hair once you bleach it &...?

Well, when you bleach your hair you're basically stripping your hair of all color. (This can also really damage your hair incase you didn't know). Your hair will eventually grow in it's normal colo... Read More »

Changing eye color/lightening/pigment!?

rown eyes, blues eyes, and green eyes. These are the "standard" eye colors, but we've all seen people with even different eye colors. There's also gray, "hazel", a mixed brown/green/blue, golden br... Read More »

Which pigment gives vegetation its green color?

Chlorophyll is the pigment that gives vegetation its green color. Plants also contain other pigments, carotenoids and phycobilins. These pigments work together to capture the light plants need to p... Read More »