What physical symptoms of sickness will I feel as a raw vegan in the beginning?

Answer I never had a symptom, except a bit of cravings for carbs such as those found in bread and other junky processed foods. I start my day with a smoothie and make sure it's thick enough to eat with a... Read More »

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What do the beginning symptoms of adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) feel like?

I will tell you a secret.come close, it is a really good one.GO TO THE DOCTOR ALREADY, lolIf your shoulder is giving you grief after your fall(?) then go and get a medical opinion.http://www.aafp.o... Read More »

Sickness after becoming vegan?

Everything your describing sounds like the result of stomach gas. (it makes you very nauseous) The thing about being vegan is, if you're doing it correctly, you are eating a very fiberous diet. Fib... Read More »

Beginning a vegan diet, any help or tips (Vegans please)?

have you heard of the book veginomicon? it helped me tons on how to start, recipes and what i should and shouldn't have in the pantry/cupboards/ and fridge. i loved that book when i was a vegan. i ... Read More »

What does morning sickness feel like?

Answer It feels like you are going to puke and you want to eat but you know that you are'nt hungry and that if you eat that you will puke.