What physical signis an indication of adequate protein intake?

Answer Unless one has translocation (inherited) Down syndrome than No, they more than likely Won't.

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What is the relationship between fat and protein intake?

protein is a source of calories, there are four calories per gram of protein. So, too much protein can cause a gain of weight. Protein is important for building muscle and other body tissues. As fa... Read More »

If a driver hits a pedestrian and does not have adequate car insurance but does have adequate homeowner's insurance will it cover the accident?

Answer No. They are two totally different types of insurance.

I have a fear of increasing protein intake?

Well well, we have gone throuh almost the same diet. Eggs and nuts, that is the key. One or two eggs, and a few nuts in the breakfast won't hurt you. Look kid, you NEED fat. The problem is fat peop... Read More »

Nausea and stomach aches for 2 1/2 weeks Can it be attributed to stress (going to college) or protein intake?

Most likely it is due to the stress but is aggravated by the protein shakes.Cut down on the protein for now and see if you feel better.