What physical activities can i get 4-5 years old to do in a circle of 8?

Answer You can try the following:- hot potato- parachute with the balls or bean bags- sit the children in pairs parallel to each other and get them to pass it back and forth to music. When the music stops... Read More »

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Dance & Rhythmic Pattern Activities in Physical Activities?

The American Heart Association lists dance as one of the best ways to incorporate active play into adult life, and learning institutions include dance for PE classes across the country. According t... Read More »

What kind of physical activity could i do with nursery children aged 3-5 years?

I used to teach pre-school, and my children loved doing simple obstacle courses.. we would cut out feet prints from constructin paper and tape them to the floor so they knew what direction to go an... Read More »

Circle Activities for Kindergarten?

In kindergarten, children are learning all sorts of new skills. More importantly, however, they love to have fun and play. You can use circle time as a unique opportunity to combine fun and learnin... Read More »

What Would Help Kindergarten Students In Physical Activities?

Kindergarten is an important time in a child's life to learn how to interact with other children on many different levels. Physical activities get the children up and active, encouraging participat... Read More »