What phrase does Dorothy (Gale) say over and over again when she clicks her heels in The Wizard of Oz?

Answer I would like to add my 2 cents"Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!!"

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How old is Dorothy in"The Wizard of Oz"?

In the 1900 children's novel "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," author L. Frank Baum never directly states the age of his heroine, Dorothy Gale. However, Oz scholar Eric Gjovaag has placed her age at 11... Read More »

What was dorothy's last name in the movie'the wizard of oz'?

Dorothy's last name in the movie, "The Wizard Of Oz" was Gale. Dorothy was orphaned as a child and sent to live with her blood relative, Uncle Henry and his wife, Em. Some think that she was given ... Read More »

How to Do a "Wizard of Oz" Dorothy Hairstyle?

When "The Wizard of Oz" premiered in 1939, Judy Garland and her quaint hairstyle and costume were instantly famous. She received a special Oscar statuette for "Best Performance by a Juvenile Actor.... Read More »

Where did dorothy in"wizard of oz"land?

In "The Wizard of Oz" a tornado whisked away Dorothy Gale, her dog Toto and Dorothy's house. When the weather settled, the house was deposited in Munchkinland, Oz. This is unfortunate for the Wicke... Read More »