What phone is better iPhone or blackberry curve 8900?

Answer i have a blackberry and i love it but i would like an iPhone eventually i think both phones are as good as each other. People have different opinions on different things but i think you can get mor... Read More »

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What is the best phone the htc touch pro smartphone the iPhone 3g the blackberry 8900 or the blackberry pearl?

Depends on what your needs are. An Android device is good overall (especially if you have a Google acount). A Nokia device is also a good device overall, but goes well with media. A BlackBerry is c... Read More »

What does the globe icon mean on a Blackberry Curve 8900?

The globe icon on your Blackberry means that you have a saved webpage. To remove the saved page, go to your "Browser" folder. A list of your saved pages can be edited there.References:Blackberry: S... Read More »

What is better A iPhone 3GS or a Blackberry Curve 9800?

It depends on what you like, do you want a keyboard and ping go for the Blackberry, do you want a lot of games and a big screen go for iPhone 3GS

What phone has a better camera the Blackberry curve orSamsung Galaxy Ace?

Hey! I am going to try help you find out what sort of camera you like. I hope this helps!My cousin has a Blackberry Curve. The screen is quite small so the pictures don't come out in good quality. ... Read More »