How much do you have to pay for holding phone I am an international student so I have to stop the phone for about 23 months If I am planning to use Sprint how much do I have to pay per month?

Answer go to settings the go to format

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I have restored my brothers i-phone with a friends phone details. All photos have been replaced?

If you do not have a phone web data plan, can you still download apps onto a basic phone if you have the...?

Yes, but not via WiFi (or any wireless internet). After doing a quick bit of research, this phone doesn't appear to support WiFi. Hopefully the phone includes software to access the market thru PC ... Read More »

I have got a Mobile phone for my daughter at 6 for Xmas ,what do you think is she to Young to get a phone?

I'll give it till Boxing day till she's locked it up

What is an appropriate age for a child to have a mobile phone cell phone..?

11 is one of the best, i am 10 and have 2 mobiles