If you have a 3G phone can you buy a 4G phone on Craigslist and it'll work if you tell the phone company that you want to upgrade to the 4G plan?

Answer It can if it is unlocked.

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What cell phone company do you have?

i have a pre-paid phone through tracfone. there are no unexpected charges, no late fees and no contract. I had t-mobile and they cost me more than what it was worth. i love my pre-paid phone

What kind of phone do you have and what company is it from?

Iphone 3g. I don't see how a phone can get better then this.

What company is the Largest independent US distributor of cellular phone and cell phone accessories?

What is the best cell phone company that I could go with cause I need a phone.?

Find out who your friends & family use. It may save on your bill if you can make mobile to mobile calls in a network. My b/f & I have Cingular which allows me to call me sisters w/o using our min... Read More »