What phone companies does DirecTV work with?

Answer DirecTV does not list any affiliations with phone companies on the company's website. AT&T and Verizon are two phone companies that offer bundled services to include a phone and DirecTV services.So... Read More »

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What phone companies work with at&t?

Well, the phone will be rather cheap if you get a 2 year contract. I like AT&T since it has good coverage, and the S3 will work with 4G LTE... Also since AT&T is GSM type, you can talk and surf at ... Read More »

How do you make directv work with clearwire phone?

Does Vonage Work with DirecTV?

You can definitely use Vonage VoIP services with a DirecTV satellite television package. You will need a Vonage phone adapter to make the connection. Support pages on Vonage's website explain how t... Read More »

Does netflex work with directv?