What phone companies does DirecTV work with?

Answer DirecTV does not list any affiliations with phone companies on the company's website. AT&T and Verizon are two phone companies that offer bundled services to include a phone and DirecTV services.So... Read More »

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What phone companies work with at&t?

Well, the phone will be rather cheap if you get a 2 year contract. I like AT&T since it has good coverage, and the S3 will work with 4G LTE... Also since AT&T is GSM type, you can talk and surf at ... Read More »

How do you make directv work with clearwire phone?

Will directv id card work in other directv cable boxes that are not my own?

No. They will not due to the receivers being linked to a specific account number. This account number is called a CID. The CID is actionable to a specific lease agreement, that is specific to the r... Read More »

DIRECTV Inc do I need home phone service to get directv?

No, the truth is Directv will push to have a phone line so they can keep track of pay per view's and for anti-piracy reasons. They might even go as far to say it will not work correctly or you will... Read More »