If your home owners association is telling you to only have 2 pets and you have 3 would should you do?

Answer Read your governing documents to determine how many pets are allowed. If you require an exemption from the guideline, you can work with your board to resolve the situation. Another PerspectiveIf th... Read More »

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What vacuum should i buy i own pets, i have carpet and hardwood floors, and for furniture as well?

We got a Eureka Pet Lovers vac for under $200 after seeing it as a best buy in Consumer Reports. The only downside is that it requires bags. I get them cheap from Amazon. I used to like bagless unt... Read More »

How to Train Your Pets on the Sims 3 Pets for PC?

Along with care, affection and play, pets need training. Well... unless you want them peeing in the house, Chewing on furniture and chasing the Mail Man. In an expansion filled with great content, ... Read More »

Can you have children on"Sims 2 Pets"?

The Sims 2 Pets expansion pack builds off the existing Sims 2 framework, which means you can indeed have children in the game. Your Sims can have a boy, a girl or even twins. With aging turned on, ... Read More »

Why are dogs one of the best pets to have?

Unlike most other pets, dogs are fun walking companions and playmates who offer their owners affection, loyalty and protection. These traits appeal to many people who want a social pet to accompany... Read More »