What pest killer can you use in an established lawn to kill grub worms?

Answer Answer Pesticides will also kill your beneficial organisms including your earthworms. Use good above ground sanitation that promotes good air circulation. Sprays of Bt can be used if they are eatin... Read More »

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Can you combine weed killer and lawn insect killer and apply both to your lawn?

Answer You can, but you might want to check with a garden store before you do because you can cause problems by mixing certain chemicals. They might have something already made for that purpose."A... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Grub Worms in Fields?

Grub worms are common pests that destroy plants by burrowing into the soil and eating the roots. They are also a favorite food of many animals, which can result in the wildlife digging up the plant... Read More »

How to Prevent Grub Worms?

The larval stage of the scarab beetle, grub worms, can cause significant lawn damage. High temperatures and low rainfall can cause the grub population to explode. Affected grass will first exhibit ... Read More »

Will grub killer harm wild birds?

Natural grub killer and other natural pesticides can kill the grubs in your lawn without harming birds, pets and wildlife. However, most chemical grub killers will also prove highly toxic to animal... Read More »