What person was Neptune named after?

Answer In astronomy, the planets bear the names of gods and goddesses in Roman mythology. The planet Neptune was named after the Roman ocean god Neptune (Poseidon in Greek mythology). The largest moon of ... Read More »

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What person was Williams Arena named after?

Williams Arena, located on the University of Minnesota campus, was built in the 1920s, remodeled in the 1950s and then renamed after Henry L. Williams. Williams served as the Minnesota football coa... Read More »

What state capital is named after a person in Australia?

Of the seven state capitals in Australia, only one was not named after a person. Perth was named after a town in Scotland by Capt. James Stirling, who founded the Australian city. The other six cap... Read More »

Who discovered Neptune and how was it named?

The planet Neptune was discovered and named by several scientists. Astronomers had theorized Neptune's existence based on mathematical evidence before seeing it through a telescope. Historians cred... Read More »

Who discovered Neptune& how was it named?

Astronomers predicted Neptune's existence even before it was discovered, although it wasn't directly observed until 1846. Both Englishman John C. Adams and Frenchman Urbain Leverrier are credited w... Read More »