What person invented the guitar?

Answer An Italian named Gaetano Vinaccia is credited with inventing the acoustic guitar in 1779, according to A National Public Radio report by Christopher Joyce credits George Beau... Read More »

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What year was the guitar capo invented?

The first guitar capo was developed in the mid-1700s and was a simple, bent piece of brass. Formed in a C-shape, the brass covered a fret in order to shorten the strings and produce a different sou... Read More »

What person invented the electric skillet?

No single person invented the electric skillet. The concept of electric frying pans had been around since the 1890s, and Sunbeam's Automatic Frypan in 1953 revolutionized the concept. Today, it is ... Read More »

What is the name of the person who invented i phone 4?

I bought a Lilly case for my iPhone 4 in the fall and it has protected my phone very well even after all the times I have dropped it, but a few weeks after I bought the case the design started peel... Read More »

What Japanese person invented the blue rose?

There were no real blue roses until 2004 when a group of scientists working for the Japanese company Suntory produced a genetically-modified species. No single person takes credit for the invention... Read More »