What perfume is sprayed on Hollister clothes?

Answer The clothing at Hollister Co. is sprayed by Hollister brand cologne, SoCal, according to customer service. The surf themed clothing retailer, a subsidiary of Abercrombie & Fitch, sells the cologne ... Read More »

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What's the name of the perfume that is sprayed on abercbrie clothes ?

Help! my son has just sprayed perfume in his eye?

ok. on every single package it says, if comes in contact with eyes Flush imidiately....and ur poor son is probably crying right now and u r on yahoo answers :( shame.yeah flush they eye for a good ... Read More »

I sprayed myself in the eye with perfume at bath and body works...?

I'll bet your eye sure smells nice. Just kidding. I would try washing it out with water. Seems it would just go away, but there's probably a website with some credibility that could give you bet... Read More »

Do all Hollister clothes run small?

I'm pretty small (size 0 to 3 in most clothes that are not Hollister) and I find that, for the hoodies, I am a small, but for their T-shirts I'm a medium. Their Larges are HUGE, as are their XLarge... Read More »