What percentage of white women are raped in the u.s. annually?

Answer Roughly 73 percent of the people who report being raped in America are white women. In the United States, an average of 81 percent of rape victims are white. While the percentage includes men and w... Read More »

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Are white women falling behind chinese women because of the white women's weight gain?

Yes, white women need to step up their game. Chinese women are beautiful

On an average how many women are raped in China every day?

A study on the subject is done some time ago that in backward places and rural villages especially where the husbands have all gone elsewhere to work as migrant workers, the wifes and daughters are... Read More »

In 2008 what percentage of drivers on the road were men, and what percentage were women?

NHTSA has stats like that, it's dry reading. Men and women are almost 50/50 but slightly more women than men.Women tend to have more fender benders, while men tend to have more fatal accidents invo... Read More »

How much money do women spend annually on cosmetics&skin care?

According to a YWCA report released in 2008, women spend an average of $7 billion annually on cosmetics and beauty products. Cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures have also been on the rise... Read More »