What percentage of their life do sea turtles live in water?

Answer Male sea turtles live 100 percent of their lives in the water. Female sea turtles also spend their entire lives at sea, except when they come ashore to nest. Sea turtles usually breed every two to ... Read More »

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How long do turtles live on their backs?

Most turtles have the ability to turn themselves over if they land on their backs, but they move more slowly than humans, which can make their owners think that the turtle is unable to turn over. T... Read More »

Where do turtles live&lay their eggs?

Turtles are reptiles and they hatch from eggs. Some turtles spend almost their entire life in the sea, while others live only on land.GeographyThere are approximately 250 species of turtles and sev... Read More »

Do turtles live in the water?

Turtles are amphibious creatures, which means they can breathe on land but must live and hibernate in water. In different parts of the world, turtles are called terrapins, turtles or tortoises. How... Read More »

What percentage of French people live in their own homes in France?

54 percent of French people live in their own homes. By comparison, 65 percent of United States residents are homeowners. Ireland has the highest percent of homeowners in the world; 83 percent of I... Read More »