What percentage of the pharmaceuticals in the US are made in China?

Answer Read the article here,It's like 90% not including Vitamins

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Why are most made-in-China electronic products cheaper to buy in US than in China?

Its a very complex thing . But I will try to make it simple.Usually the tactic is used when a country's domestic output of the good is falling and imports from foreign competitors are rising, parti... Read More »

What percentage of kids graduate high school in China?

According to a survey by the China Association for Promoting Democracy, Chinese junior high school drop-out rates approach 40 percent. Many of those drop-outs choose a farming career in place of hi... Read More »

What is the percentage of China's population enrolled in early childhood education programs?

Approximately 17 percent of the Chinese population is enrolled or has previously enrolled in early childhood education. There are currently 69 million children in China. Compulsory education, inclu... Read More »

Why is almost everything made in China?

Because the cost of manufacturing over here has priced us out of the market . People here demand a certain standard of living & unions have upped the cost of labour to the point that it's not worth... Read More »