What percentage of the earth's atmosphere is oxygen?

Answer Oxygen (O2) is the second largest component of the earth's atmosphere, making up 20.95 percent of its composition. Nitrogen (N2) makes up the largest proportion at 78.08 percent, while Argon, Neon... Read More »

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What is the free oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere produced by?

Photosynthesis releases oxygen as a byproduct when it creates carbohydrates from water and carbon dioxide. About 70 percent of atmospheric oxygen comes from photosynthetic algae and bacteria in oce... Read More »

What percentage of carbon dioxide makes up the Earth's atmosphere?

The atmosphere consists of .036 percent carbon dioxide. This value changes slightly throughout the year. During the summer months the percent is lowered as the plants die off, and it is raised agai... Read More »

Does photosynthesis produce oxygen in our atmosphere?

Photosynthesis releases oxygen into the Earth's atmosphere through tiny openings on the leaves of plants called stomatas. Photosynthesis is the main source of oxygen and helps to sustain life on Ea... Read More »

The Hazards of Breathing in an Oxygen-Enriched Atmosphere?

The use of pure oxygen is a fad that has risen in popularity due to the appearance of oxygen bars. While many claim using pure oxygen produces noticeable positive effects, such as headache relief o... Read More »