Does Jay-Z own the New Jersey Nets?

Answer Jay-Z is a minority owner of the NBA basketball team the New Jersey Nets. The controlling interest in the team is held by Mikhail Prokhorov, a Russian businessman who bought the team in 2010.Refere... Read More »

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What Are the Limits for Saltwater Seines & Nets?

Saltwater fishing using seines and nets can contribute to overfishing and subsequent environmental degradation. In order to limit such risks, various states have made regulations to control fishing... Read More »

What are standard fishing nets made of?

Many different types of lines are used for making nets, including nylon monofilament, multifilament and braided lines. Momoi and Yamaji are considered to be high-quality monofilament; other brands ... Read More »

What percentage of homeopaths are deluded and what percentage are just out and out scammers?

I have to answer truthfully that I personally never met a homeopath that I thought was a scammer. Every one I met fully believed in their ideas. However many of the homeopathic sites I have seen on... Read More »

What percentage of oxygen does the brain use?

When the human body takes in oxygen, the brain uses about twenty percent of it, in spite of the fact that, the brain is only approximately 3 percent of total body mass. During mental activities, th... Read More »