What percentage of teenage parents end up in custody battles?

Answer Custody Rage A lot actually. You may not notice it but a lot of the time parents are arguing constantly all around the world about who gets the kid/kids. Now there are more "civilized" parents out ... Read More »

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What percentage of teenage girls in the US end up pregnant?

The number is a lot lower than one would expect, about 10 of every thousand girls below the age of 20 become pregnant in the US (per 1996 statistics).

Can a girl give custody of her baby to her parents if the father wants custody?

Answer This one will have to go through a court of law and your parents (if they want custody of this baby) will have to fight your boyfriend for these rights. If the court sees that your boyfrien... Read More »

If both parents have 5050 custody of children what happens if one parent becomes incarcerated does that parent lose their custody?

If no court order for custody has been granted and the parents are unmarried who has the custody of a child in Maryland?

Answer When the issue pertains to unmarried couples the law presumes the mother to have full legal custody of the child(ren). The father must establish paternity before custody, child support or v... Read More »