What is the percentage of people in America that do not have a high school diploma?

Answer According the United States Census, 13 percent of adults over age 25 did not have a high school diploma as of 2009. The U.S. Committee on Education and Labor states that about 30 percent of student... Read More »

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Would u marry someone if they confessed 2 u they have Genital Herpes after being 2gether for 4 yrs?

Yes, I would still marry him. You love him right? Of course I would be upset and feel betrayed because he never was upfront, but you have to understand that people that carry the virus sometimes do... Read More »

What kind of education do people need to become a lawyer after they graduate from high school?

Answer Generally speaking, one must possess at least an associates degree (in almost any field) to apply to Law School.Speak with your guidance counselor or make an appointment with a counselor at ... Read More »

Why do people drop out of high school when they get pregnant?

well they usually drop out because they don't want the embarrassment of the huge stomach.....or don't want crap from their peers. it is also hard to do your work and concentrate on it when everybod... Read More »

What percentage of kids graduate high school?

Sixty-nine percent of high school students graduate from high school with a regular diploma each year. The graduation rate varies significantly between race groups, ranging from a graduation rate o... Read More »