What percentage of people have mild glaucoma?

Answer Glaucoma can occur in two forms: acute and chronic. The most common is chronic, which is the milder form. According to The New York Times, 1.8 percent of people over the age of 40 has glaucoma. Of ... Read More »

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How many people go blind from glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a disease of the eye. Glaucoma is the cause of the visual impairment of 66.8 million people worldwide, and 6.7 million suffer blindness because of it. In America, 2.2 million people suf... Read More »

How many people go blind due to glaucoma in the U.S.?

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in the United States, particularly among African-Americans, who are six to eight times more likely to contract the disease than Caucasians. Accor... Read More »

Is there an Eye Transplant surgery for people with Glaucoma and or Diabetic Retinopathy Is there any hope?

There is no surgical procedure to restore the vision which has already been lost.Glaucoma is optic nerve damage (often, but not always, associated with increased eye pressure) that leads to progres... Read More »

You are almost ten weeks can it be normal to have some mild lower back pain and mild cramping you have no bleeding at all?

Answer Yes, it is very normal. Tell the doctor and he can tell you how to get rid of it, or mild it.