What percentage of people are adopted?

Answer firstly all i want to say is that isn't really a very nice question to ask people but ill tell you why ...... when most kids are born most parents are either to scared or they might die or they hav... Read More »

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What percentage of adopted people are reunited with their birth mother?

What percentage of kids up for adoption get adopted?

According to the Adoption Institute, "The total number of adoptions each year has not been comprehensively compiled since 1992." In 1992 the National Center for State Courts stated that out of abou... Read More »

What percentage of children with Down syndrome are adopted or fostered?

Because you love them but dont have the money to support you.

My son was adopted by my husband and now has a birth certificate with my husbands last name on it can people tell that he was adopted by this new certificate?

I dont have much info on this but I certainly can recommend you someone who can most definitely help you out on this. Osbornes at 020 7485 8811 ... Read More »