What percentage of oxygen does the brain use?

Answer When the human body takes in oxygen, the brain uses about twenty percent of it, in spite of the fact that, the brain is only approximately 3 percent of total body mass. During mental activities, th... Read More »

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What percentage of the average human brain is water?

According to the University of Washington, the average human brain weighs between 1,300g and 1,400g and is approximately 77 percent to 78 percent water. The remainder is composed of lipids, protein... Read More »

What percentage of the earth's atmosphere is oxygen?

Oxygen (O2) is the second largest component of the earth's atmosphere, making up 20.95 percent of its composition. Nitrogen (N2) makes up the largest proportion at 78.08 percent, while Argon, Neon... Read More »

How long can the brain go without oxygen?

The brain often suffers irreversible damage after four to six minutes of suffocation, which results in a coma or death. However, brain cells can survive without oxygen for hours, and some resuscita... Read More »

How long can brain cells live without oxygen?

Three to five minutes is the amount of time brain cells can live without oxygen. The medical condition for oxygen deprivation of the brain is called cerebral hypoxia and it can occur for various re... Read More »