What percentage of new businesses fail in the first year?

Answer According to Small Business Trends, approximately 25 percent of businesses fail within the first year. Business Know How adds that 66 percent of new businesses survive beyond two years, but only 44... Read More »

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Why should we support gay marriages?

Personally, I support gay marriage because I think it's illogical to support committed relationships and families formed by some groups of persons (heterosexuals) but not others. There are myriad r... Read More »

About City Hall Marriages?

If you want to get married right away and do not want to go to Las Vegas, you could consider a city hall wedding in your town. A city hall ceremony can be as wonderful as any church wedding. It can... Read More »

Who can perform marriages in Florida?

In Florida, a minister or elder of a church or any other ordained clergy can perform a marriage. Quakers are allowed to solemnize marriage according to their customs. Judicial officials, retired ju... Read More »

How many marriages did Frankie Valli have?

Frankie Valli has had three marriages. His first ended in 1971. He remarried in 1974 and divorced again nearly eight years later. His third marriage, in 1984 to Randy Clohessy, is in divorce procee... Read More »