What's wrong if you've had a painless lump on the gum for 2 years that lets out bloody pus when you break the bubble and it's located over an area where the molar was removed 25 years ago?

Answer Answer You obviously have an infected mass in your mouth and you're asking strangers online to diagnose what it may be? Aaack! Make an appointment with a dentist immediately! You'll be glad you d... Read More »

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What percentage of American men have volunteered for the military in the last 40 years?

What percentage of soldiers serve for the full 20 years in the army?

According to the Army Times, just 10.5 percent of soldiers serve out their full 20-year term in the Army, that would render them eligible for retirement benefits. The same article also reports that... Read More »

What is the percentage rate of people who use disability insurance in the US within the last two years?

Answer In the last 2 years, nearly 100% of the people that become disabled, are aware that they had DI in force and met the claims requirements, collected! Conversely, 100% of those that did not ... Read More »

What was the percentage of babies switched at birth twenty years ago?

It's only available on cable. the channel will depend on your cable provider.