How many children in America are overweight?

Answer Almost one-third, 31.7 percent, of U.S. children and adolescents were overweight in 2008 according to USA Today. That's slightly less than the percentage of children overweight in 2004, 33.6 percen... Read More »

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Would a 12-year-old girl who weighs 120 pounds and has a high percentage of body fat particularly on the lower torso and plays soccer be considered overweight?

If you weigh 120 pounds and dont pig out on snacks a lot and has a healthy diet and is athletic, you should'nt be worried. You only have a big bone structure and that is a good thing.

How many parents on here can hand on heart say their kids are not overweight!?

As an "overweight" Mom of 2, I can honestly say that my children are not overweight, in fact I wish they weighed a little more than they do. My four year old is 39 pounds, doctors say he is right w... Read More »

What is the percentage of bullies in America?

A national study showed that 11 percent of children grades 6 through 10 are bullies.

What percentage of america are convicted felons?

In the United States, 6.21 percent of the adult population are convicted felons, as of 2000. In 2000, 13 million Americans were jailed for a felony conviction, on felony probation or previously imp... Read More »