What percentage of us households has ESPN?

Answer 06010 is the zip code for Bristol, Connecticut where ESPN is headquartered.

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What percentage of people in the U.S. have Internet access in their home?

About 70 percent of Americans have Internet access at home, according to a study sponsored by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and conducted by the Census Bureau. The ... Read More »

What percentage of computers on the Internet uses Internet Explorer?

In May, 2010, the computer website Ars Technica reported that Microsoft Internet Explorer had the largest Web browser market share at over 62 percent. Of these, most users browsed the Web on Intern... Read More »

Why do so many households have Bibles?

Many households have Bibles because it is used as a guidebook for their faith. The Bible has been in circulation longer than most other books and is widely available in different translations.Ident... Read More »

How many households have cable tv?

According to a study conducted by Kansas State University, 84% of American households have cable television. There are approximately 92 million cable subscribers across the United States. This numb... Read More »