What percentage of homeopaths are deluded and what percentage are just out and out scammers?

Answer I have to answer truthfully that I personally never met a homeopath that I thought was a scammer. Every one I met fully believed in their ideas. However many of the homeopathic sites I have seen on... Read More »

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In 2008 what percentage of drivers on the road were men, and what percentage were women?

NHTSA has stats like that, it's dry reading. Men and women are almost 50/50 but slightly more women than men.Women tend to have more fender benders, while men tend to have more fatal accidents invo... Read More »

What is my fat percentage ?

I'd say 18/19% bodyfat but i'm just using a rough estimate.

The percentage of people uses the BBC in the UK?

I had found the answer from that more than 82% of the people in UK use BBC to get updated with the latest news in UK and all over the world.

What Percentage of Your IRA Must You Withdraw After 70?

Congress created the Individual Retirement Arrangement, or IRA, in 1974, with the passage of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. Congress wanted to provide a way for workers not co... Read More »