What percentage of debt is OK?

Answer On One Hand: Less Than 30 PercentAccording to The Digerati Life, you should not have a debt-to-income (DTI) ratio over 36 to 40 percent, and anything under 30 percent puts you in an excellent finan... Read More »

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What percentage of Americans are in debt?

According to the Federal Reserve's most recent Consumer Finance Survey, 77 percent of American families are in debt. About 46.9 percent pay installments on loans, and 46.1 percent owe balances on c... Read More »

What percentage of secured debt is repaid in Chapter 13?

The bankruptcy code does not set forth a specific percentage to be repaid in regards to secured debt. Instead, the debtor must repay the fair market value of the property, depending on when the pro... Read More »

What is the best debt consolidation service for a 100k debt?

On One Hand: Debt Consolidation Mortgages Can HelpWith large amounts of debt, getting a debt consolidation mortgage could be an option. The payments are spread out over the term of the mortage, red... Read More »

What percentage of homeopaths are deluded and what percentage are just out and out scammers?

I have to answer truthfully that I personally never met a homeopath that I thought was a scammer. Every one I met fully believed in their ideas. However many of the homeopathic sites I have seen on... Read More »