What percentage of consumer expenditures is for food?

Answer The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that in 2008, the average household spent $6,442 on food, both at home and eating out. With total annual expenditures of $50,486, that means food took up 12.8 p... Read More »

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Why is food packaging important for the consumer?

Food packaging is a way to preserve manufactured foods and entice the customer to buy the product. But there are other reasons why food packaging is important for the consumer.ProtectionThe foods t... Read More »

What is the best food processor according to consumer reports?

On One Hand: Consider CuisinartConsumer Reports magazine rated food processors for its May 2009 issue and put the Cuisinart DLC-2011BCN at the top of its list. The magazine says the $200 food proce... Read More »

How many consumer levels are there in a grassland biome food chain?

A grassland biome food chain consists of four consumer levels, including primary consumers or herbivores, secondary consumers or carnivores, which feed on the herbivores, tertiary consumers, which ... Read More »

What percentage of Americans rely on food assistance?

According to Reuters, 31.5 million Americans received food stamps as of late 2008. This number represents approximately 10 percent of the population, and it is about 17 percent higher than the numb... Read More »