What percentage of child predators are affiliated with churches?

Answer A good rule of thumb is to make sure you are tall enough that the front passenger air-bags will not block and suffocate your mouth and or nose, should they deploy.

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Can a Ministry consolidate several churches it is affiliated with so employee rates would be more reasonable?

Answer That's a good question. PROBABLY. You'll have to talk to an agent/broker to get the details. Try for CA and for the other 49 States there's an agent finder at the bott... Read More »

Are Internet Predators Child Molesters?

What the name of the website where you can search child predators in your neighborhood?

How do you calculate the time percentage each parent being with the child when the child has school and one parent sends the child to the school while the other picks him up when school is over?

The amount of hours with each parent, minus time at school. see link