What percentage of term life insurance is actually paid out to beneficiaries?

Answer Term life insurance will pay the full face value of the policy to the beneficiaries, so long as the policy's premiums are current. The percentage of what is paid to multiple beneficiaries can be de... Read More »

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Did Alex Gaskarth's brother actually commit sucide or was that just people being stupid?

yeah, his older brother committed suicide, and that's what lullabies is about. he wrote it as a way to vent.nobody knows much about it, because his family kept it confidential; so i can't really te... Read More »

What is the percentage on renters that actually get renters insurance?

About thirty percent get renters insurance. Renters insurance should be the top priority of any renter however. It helps just in case a strom, or anything else does damage to the place one is renting.

What percentage of military personnel actually take advantage of military tuition offers and complete degrees while in the military?

For colleges and universities within the United States and its territories, you can obtain this information by clicking on the related links section (College Board) indicated at the bottom of this ... Read More »

What Colors Should Blonds Wear?

When shopping for clothes, choose colors that look good on you and make you feel attractive. You may have noticed some colors look better on you than others, and some colors do nothing to enhance y... Read More »