Percentage of circumcised newborn boys in the U.S?

Answer I believe the percentage is 52%, so it's very unlikely any intact boy would be teased. I was circumcised at a time when it was common in Australia, where I live but I had close friends who were int... Read More »

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What percentage of sexual harassment in today's workplace is done by males to females?

According to the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, 84 percent of the 12,000 sexual harassment claims in the U.S. were filed by females. While the majority of complaints are still filed by fe... Read More »

Different Twist Hairstyles for African-American Males?

With hairstyles, taste, preference and sometimes convenience play a role in selection, including African-American styles such as twisted versions like dreadlocks, two-strand twists and comb twists.... Read More »

How to Get Bigger Curls in Your Hair for African American Males?

There are many African American males that wear curly hairstyles. Curls are popular with men who have both short and long hair. If your curls aren't quite large enough, you can increase them using ... Read More »

Why did Radical Republicans support suffrage for all African American males?

They did not want former Confederates to gain power again.